• A Mystery Shopper is an evaluator who is assigned to visit a business (shop, multiplex, restaurant, hotel, mall and so on) or even make a phone call, as if you are a potential customer looking for a particular service. While you visit you are to evaluate the business as per the criteria assigned for that particular business without disclosing your identity at any given point of time. Each business is different and hence the set of criteria for the business would be different and specific to the business. The guidelines for the criteria will be specifically provided to you, once the shop is assigned.


  • You must be 21 yrs of age or older to register as a mystery shopper with SHCSPL. If you are interested in being a mystery shopper for our company, please visit us at www.shawhotels.com and register. If you are the evaluator we choose for a particular assignment, you should receive a confirmation through email from our quality cell with all details.


  • Yes, it is absolutely free to register with our company. We do not charge you any fees to sign up with our company.


  • Once you register with us, the application will be processed and only if you are selected you will hear from us through email or a telephone call.


  • Our policy is to give each evaluator not more than 3 shops at a time. This further varies depending on the situation and the output we have received from you when you are assigned a shop.


  • Read your instructions carefully and review the detailed form. If you still have questions, contact your quality cell coordinator immediately.


  • Ask them to clarify what they mean, and state that you are unfamiliar with the term. You must never tell anyone what you are there for. If you reveal that you are a mystery evaluator, you would be violating your contract with us. In addition, you must never discuss an assignment with anyone other than SHCSPL employees. Your findings are confidential and binds you since you have signed an agreement with us.


  • After you have completed the assignment, please email within 24 hours to qualitycell@shawhotels.com. Please check the guidelines sent to you, before you submit your report. Most of our reports are on line and hence you just need to update.


  • Make sure when filling out your report that you check: All comments made with all details. Only Yes/No is not permitted. Answers must be substantiated. Make sure that you are using Capitals at the beginning of sentence, and for proper nouns.. Always use correct Spelling (Spell check is there for you). Always make sure that you are using punctuation if needed. All rules of grammar should apply.. Always obtain the staff name(s), both, on the phone and in person, and make a note of it. If you have multiple shops, make sure you are entering the correct staff name(s) with the correct report.

    Please ensure:. The comments must not conflict with the answers. If you have any questions about or while entering your report, please contact qualitycell@shawhotels.com.


  • The assignment will be handed over to another evaluator without notice to you and there will be no payment or reimbursement if completed at a later date and sent in. Also you will not be paid if the report does not reach us in 24 hours and if any sections of the report are not visited or filled out.


  • If you are unable to complete your assignment, please send in an email or call us. It is a violation of your agreement with us if you do not notify us when you cannot complete your assignment. It prevents us from finding other evaluators, who could have completed it on time and that can put our relationship with our clients in jeopardy.


  • You will need to courier the shopping experience bill along with the bill of the professional services within 7 days of completing the assignment. Also, a scanned copy of your bill needs to be sent to us by email or in case of on line reports it needs to be uploaded.


  • This would vary from assignment to assignment. You would be informed before each assignment is given to you.


  • All payments are made to mystery shopper after 45-60 days of completion of the audit. The cheques will be emailed to your mailing address as mentioned in the form with your personal details. Alternately, if your bank details are provided we will do the bank transfer for you instead of sending the cheque.


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